Parade of Lights – Sunday December 18

Parade of Lights

HCT always loves to light up the stage, and it is once again time to light up the night! The 2nd annual Hastings Light Parade will be Sunday, December 18th at 6 pm. The Parade will weave around Good Samaritan Village. Come to the Theatre Parking lot to hear the MC talk about the vehicles in the parade! Make sure to come early to get your spots. The course will be closed at 6 pm once we start.

Want to join the parade? We would love to have you. You can click here to signup.

Lineup for the parade starts at 5PM – 5:30PM. Please make sure to register your float before December 16th!

Important Information, Help, Contact and Tricks!

Jessica Brock is the point person for this event. For emergency questions her cell is 308-991-6633. She is best with text, but will get back to your voicemail. Or you can email her at

NO THROWING CANDY/PRIZES/GOODIES etc – I didn’t mean to yell that, but it is very important. As this will be dark and at night, we don’t want anyone trying to get into the road to get goodies, only to get run over because the drivers didn’t see them.

The Village doesn’t have an overabundance of parking, so we will be directing people to the Hastings Community Theatre parking lot (East end of D Street), or the Chapel’s parking lot (E street and Lane D). Due to the serpentine nature of the route, we will close the streets just before the parade starts. Make sure friends and family get there early!

Light it Up! – If this is your first time lighting up a float (or anything), Below are a couple of ideas you can utilize, but also, get creative!

1) Battery powered lights – these can be found all over. They are nice because you don’t need a large power source.

2) Glow sticks – no power source needed, but can only be started at the last minute

3) Solar lights – depending on the light, and how late it stays lit, this may be an option. Dusk happens at 5:45, dark by 6:30… so depending on how strong of a light, this may be an issue.

4) For those who are using a vehicle with a cigarette lighter adapter – DC>to>AC power inverters are between $20-$40 and can then have led lights plugged into them and this can plug into your vehicle.

5) There are also DC to AC inverters that can clamp right to a 12v battery, making it’s attachment to the battery under your hood unnecessary.

Example Floats